The International Summer Festival for Theatre, Amusement and Music

23. July – 02. August 2020

Scheune – Schaubuden – Sommer am 14. Juli 2018. Das XXI. internationale Sommerfestival für Theater, Vergnügen und Musik in der Dresdner Neustadt. Foto: André Wirsig

Step in!

Let the gates be open wide! Let’s meet the fools on the hill: the sky is bright and full of flashes.

The cows are flying wild, the coyotes whine.

Come and see what we have prepared for your very eyes: A place for wonder, a place for the creatures of the night, for divas, for shady characters and for you, our beloved audience.

Step right up! Disover the new kind of summer with the Schaubudensommer, full of surprises, lovely old-fashioned and yet charmingly new. Ladies and gentlemen, we remain unfaithful to ourselves and look forward to your applause, your laughter and your inquiring faces.

Night after night from 7 pm onwards, the place behind the Scheune in the middle of Dresden’s Neustadt tunrs into a world of wonder.  Every evening there are twelve to fifteen different pieces, shows, performances to choose from. The most ambitious visitor may manage to experience up to four performances and then end the night with our midnight surprises, which are always to be found at an unknown location to be revealed only that very night. Still hungry for music? Later into the night we invite you to put on your dancing shoes and fall into the rhythm of our bands at the festival club.

Come, wonder, enjoy, relax. Be yourself or someone else. Have a splendid time!