Tickets & Prices

We will see you next summer, but the prices will be these:

The entrance fee is 3€ .

(Children up to  12 years have free entrance.)
For this entrance-shilling you will get to see installations, listen to music, be part of spontaneous art, maybe be able to see the midnight-surprise and enjoy our band at the festival club. All included, starting at 6:00 pm.

Tickets for all shows can only be bought at the box office. The first shows start at 7:30 pm.

One show (20-30 minutes) costs 6€.
A Triple-Ticket costs 15€.
Reduced fare for children (in the evening 5–12 years, family-afternoon 2-12 years) 3€ per show.

Some of our fairground attractions cost less, please note the placards.
Our lovely programme can be bought for 2€.

The sensible way to handle to your tickets

Case 1 - You bought a ticket at the box office.
This is the first right step. Please note, that you can only visit one show with this ticket. – Should it appear to you, that this is a little meager – you are perfectly right.

Case 2 - You did everything right, listened to the right advises and bought a ticket but the show you wanted to see, is completely full.
If it is not five minutes to twelve – just sit back and relax. every show is played at least three time an evening. Next time you’ll be the first. If it is five minutes to midnight, then we are at a loss too and can’t advise you anything. Hint: Don’t collect your tickets. Be brave, be bold and go to another booth!

Case 3 - You were clever and bought a triple-ticket. Now you can see up to three shows.
No doubt, you are very clever. If you share your triple ticket with a friend or partner there is no need to start fussing about who is going to use the third ticket. Just go and get a single ticket. Now you can divide evenly.

Case 4 - You have lost your ticket.
Of course.

Case 5 - You want to have a look around first and you miss the big lorry, which is our box office.
Remember the way. Don’t panic, you can always ask the director.