Tickets & Prices

The entrance fee is 3€ .

(Children up to  12 years have free entrance and young people aged 13-16 pay 1€.)
For this entrance-shilling you will get to see installations, listen to music, be part of spontaneous art, maybe be able to see the midnight-surprise and enjoy our band at the festival club. All included, starting at 6:00 pm.

Tickets for all shows can only be bought at the box office. The first shows start at 7:30 pm.

One show (20-30 minutes) costs 5€.
A Triple-Ticket costs 12€.
Reduced fare for children (in the evening 5–12 years, family-afternoon 2-12 years) 2€ per show.

Some of our fairground attractions cost less, please note the placards.
Our lovely programme can be bought for 2€.

The sensible way to handle to your tickets

Case 1 - You bought a ticket at the box office.

Case 2 - You did everything right, listened to the right advises and bought a ticket but the show you wanted to see, is completely full.

Case 3 - You were clever and bought a triple-ticket. Now you can see up to three shows.

Case 4 - You have lost your ticket.

Case 5 - You want to have a look around first and you miss the big lorry, which is our box office.